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Providing Unique Solutions for You and Your Small Business

JMH Associates is a boutique accounting and management consulting firm.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  • Monthly account reconciliations and entries
  • Prepare monthly financial statements, budgeting and cash flow statements
  • Prepare Annual “Tax Packet” for your accountant
  • Act as the liaison between you and your accountant
  • Regular meetings to review financial statements and other strategic opportunities
  • Contract CFO / Controller Services

Management Consulting

  • We will help you build a business plan investors and banks like to see
  • We will help find financial resources to fund your business plan
  • We will help you strategize and execute the best plans for your business
  • In the event you desire to sell your business, we will act as your middle market banker/advisor
  • We will act as an advisor and/or management team member without adding to your payroll